Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Did I Say?

What did I say!

I am overwhelmed. For pity's sake, cut it out!

War Plan Orange? Galrahn mentioned it.....then last night SB drops that he's reading it.

Plus Sean at Thomas Barnett's website is teasing me over not reading *every word* there.

I told him.....
You are right, I don't read *every* word here, lol. If I read every word of all the blogs I like, I'd have to quit my job and devote my day to this.
I made it. I was late, but I was there by 1830. I loved it!!!
But I was terribly upset by one thing - the assertion that no one loved John Adams. That's ridiculous! This is Boston, Mr. Adams is more than loved. We were in the BPL which, with the exception of the MHS up the street, is the largest repository of Adams material.
I do agree, Adams was a "fixer". However, I use that term with reverence. You can not put a price on a good fixer.
The new book has cut the line of all other reading material and as soon as I finish "Sea of Thunder" it's on to "Great Powers".

Hmmmmm, quit my job and do nothing but read all day.......that sounds awesome!


Sean said...

best wishes, Maggie! :-)

BostonMaggie said...

Thanks, but what I really want is a heads up if either of you ever pop into Boston again!