Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Funny From the MM Listserv

We're all out there with our ups & downs. Once in a while there is a real laugh.

One of the women writes

I really hate mornings, I used to love them but nowI can't stand them. I wake up every morning like a zombie, so out of it and my whole body feels like a 100 year old body. I don't get it.

The last time I did dex was May '08, and Velcade July '08. Yes monthly I do Zometa but that never gave me a problem. Could it be the 100mg of thalomid Ihave been taken for the last year?

Yes I am on 40mg oxy twice a day for bone pain, maybe that is wearingoff some.Is it just me or do others feel the same way? I am so confused because I was hoping by now I would feel great in the morning in hopes even to go back to work part time. It takes me a good hour and half to get out of this state after I take the morning pills.

She received several replies. There is some question as to whether it's the meds or the MM

But the funniest reply was -

Sorry, Judy. You and the other ladies must be just plain lazy! Personally, I am always (usually) up, armed and dangerous not later than the crack of noon almost every day.

I seldom go down for a "combat nap" before 2:00, so that is proof, iron-clad proof, of absolutely nothing!

OK, now you wore me down with all this typing, so I am going to watch the snooze, uh News on TV. Hope I make it through that grueling 30 minutes!

Actually, from talking with my docs, and with other cancer patients (not just MM), I think what you are experiencing is normal for us. Our bodies have taken quite a blow. Not too many years ago, we wouldn't still be around to complain about fatigue. Take the retirement, relax, and concentrate on whipping this beast.

Good luck, clear skies, and smooth landings,

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