Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wait! This Is Even Better!

I have tracked my final order. The supplier has responded to my firm declarations that they will give me what I want or...... I...... Will...... Come....... Out....... There......
And no one wants that.
I called my patient's house "Is it too late to call your house?" He laughs, we have a good relationship. I tell him that FedEx picked up his part from the supplier at 1934 and I should have it by 1500 tomorrow.

I am wrapping up my last bits and pieces, getting ready to head home.

Then YouTube decides I need to hear "Put Your Body In It". Good call!

Way better than what the Phibian is subjecting me to. Good God man! What did we ever do to you? You're going to make me drink the Corporate Water.

I am headed home. No, I am not headed home to watch Obama. I have stuff in the DVR to watch. I have books to read. I have laundry to do. If none of that appeals, I have Ambien.


CDR Salamander said...

Ambian is for the week. A nice scotch should do just fine.

BostonMaggie said...

Scotch and Corporate Water? Or splashed over Corporate Ice?