Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Last of The Kelleys

My grandfather was the firstborn.

Danny the youngest. Lost at Iwo Jima.

Kay the only girl. She and her husband went in on the cottage with my grandparents so we were together every summer.

George worked with the Chinese as an Army officer during WWII. He married Helen and oh she was so much fun! She was beautiful and you could tell that when he was young, he was dashing.

Tommy was in the Merchant Marine, they called him "Far Away Kelley". He looked so much like my own grandfather that after Papa Kelley passed it spooked me to see him.

John & Joe lived across the street from me when I was young. They worked for the post office. John on the first floor with his wife Mary. Joe in the 2nd floor apartment. They would talk to me for hours about family and the war and Charlestown.

Jim was the first to go, long before I was born, in the Coconut Grove.

Tim the last.

My mother called tonight. There will be a memorial service.

Tim was a WWII veteran.
Tim was a retired Boston Police Sgt.

Tim painted lovely landscapes.

Tim was in a perpetual good mood.

Tim had a lovely family.

And Tim sang. He loved to sing. And his favorite thing to sing was "Danny Boy"


Stella said...

I'm so sorry, Maggie.

Sherri said...

I'm sorry.

Condolences to you and your entire family.

AFSister said...


How very sad. You wrote a beautiful tribute, Maggie.