Thursday, February 19, 2009

Movie Night!

Frankie, Billy and I watched "The Great Raid". Great movie and lots of fun hanging with two of my boys. Popcorn, M&Ms, Coke - the whole family-movie-night package. The movie was so long that we started with dinner - tortellinis and rolls - I'm not completely irresponsible!

There were a few times we needed to pause so I could answer questions. Of course I am not so good with the Army questions. I have to work on that. I do much better with the Navy movies!

First off there is the amazing feat of rescuing the POWs from Cabanatuan even though it served no strategic purpose in fighting the war. I emphasized that to the boys. That the raid was about the character of our nation.

Then another amazing story is just touched upon. Margart Utinsky who won the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In the movie, while she is portrayed as very brave, it seems incidental. She's just rolling along and helps POWs while she waits for the man she loves to be liberated from Cabanatuan. Of course, as with anything else....there is more to the story. Mrs. Utinsky wrote a book, I should add it to the list.

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