Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dr. McCoy Reporting On The State Of My Diet

That's right....it's dead! And the murder weapon?
Happy Shrove Tuesday! I will try again tomorrow. Maybe Father Mahoney will say something tomorrow that will help me. LOL Of course, he will be trying to save my soul.....


Anonymous said...

He is worse than dead... his brain is gone!

Where did I put my M&Ms?!

Stella by Starlight said...

OK, what about carob?

BostonMaggie said...

LOL, I am not sensing any sympathy Tom.

Carob? Carob! That word is not allowed here. I bet you eat tofu.

Mrs. K said...

Hershey Kisses are wonderful! Mark took my grandmother and I to Hershey PA a few years ago, and it was so much fun! We also went to Gettysburg & to see the Amish. Gettysburg was fun because my grandmother was convinced the whole place was haunted and wouldn't sleep for 2 days. The Amish are a total scam - they pissed me off.

Stella by Starlight said...

Bwahaha! Tofu eaters unite! And tempeh! And wheat gluten! A little Romanesco on the side! And bring on the sushi... Damn, it's fiddlehead season in Maine: I miss them so much.

I also miss visiting you—back to 10-hour days. I may well be giving up my time for Lent.

I'm really interested in Mrs. K's comment about the Amish...

Mrs. K said...

OK, Stella...when I was little my great grandmother went to PA to see the Amish and came back with stories, and cookbooks, and a doll for me. She made it something that I tucked in the back of my mind on a little list to see for myself someday.

Her daughter in law, and my grandmother, had always wanted to see Hershey. So, a few years ago, we threw Gettysburg into the mix and made it a week away to hit all 3 spots, since they are reasonably close together. The Amish were last on the list in our geographic loop.

So...my deal with the Amish...I guess its actually my own fault for NOT educating myself ahead of time. If I had, I wouldn't have been so disappointed. See, I had in my head this idea of purity & no technology...I mean they drive horse & buggies for goodness sake! I just had this lifelong image of this self preserving, farming community that lives this way for God, etc etc.

AS IT TURNS OUT...they live with MANY technical advances and just have all these little loopholes that make it OK.

Examples...they can have radios, walkmans etc, as long as they are battery operated. They can have stoves refridgerators, etc, as long as they run on generators. They can have telephones as long as its on a pole outdoors and not actually in the house.

I felt..I don't know...duped in a way. I mean, here they are this big attraction because they are different and whatnot...people come from all over and buy stuff from them as a means of supporting them...yet in more ways than you might think, they aren't living the life I have always seen portrayed in books, TV, or movies. They live with many of the conveniences that we do.

Also, at I think 18 or so, they get a week off from being Amish where they go out into society and party it up. They dress normally, they drink, smoke, go to nightclubs...whatever they want as a means of DECIDING if they want to remain Amish or not. And, its kind of a big joke because they really don't have a choice because if they choose not to be Amish they get shunned by the Amish community including their families. And, having had no real prior exposure to regular society there is nearly no way they can reasonably make such a transition on their own anyway. So, even if they truly wanted to, they don't have the skills, finances, and whatever to support doing it.

So...there you go, my little rant about the Amish.