Saturday, February 21, 2009

As If My Head Weren't Swelled Enough

Today, at the super secret Navy place where they let me lurk, I saw something that tickled me.

Someone started a thread of favorite blogs/daily reads.

It contained the usual me! LOL

I was delighted, to say the least.
Two other things made me smile.

First, someone I like an awful lot was telling me that he is "not aging well". I asked what he was doing about it. After all he is someone who is on my case to fight, fight, fight! I wrote that if I had to should he.

His reply -
"Oh, pish-tosh. I can pontificate at you all I want and be totally hypocritical in my own behavior.

There's a democrat in the White House for god's sake.

It's like, allowed now."

The other emailer asked how I was doing with my current dissatisfaction with the medical profession -
"Hope you are getting along with your new treatment plan and not going to war with your doctors. Do they know you have your own Navy?"

Ha! He's right! Dr. D should watch his step......they should all watch their step!

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SB said...

If you revisit that thread you will see your name again . . .