Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Anonymous

You are why there is "comment moderation".

LOL! You popped out here just after midnight, your IP address was 98.219.64.# (Unknown Organization) and you came from Information Dissemination. I wonder if you were rude there - or just seethed over all the people that were smarter than you. And you were in earlier, before midnight because you Googled "Galrahn".

Anyway, you read my post on ADM Keating "So.....My Question for ADM Keating" and you had some kind of mental breakdown, lol.

Somehow the fact that I ask a question makes me like a "diploma-mill 'docs' of the early 20th Century who looked, acted and sounded just like the real, AMA credentialed doctors"


And it's a shame that someone like me"gets to have any contact with someone like ADM Keating".

Wow! I must admit I really like and admire ADM Keating....but what's the deal buddy? You have a little shrine in your room or what?

Anyway you went on to label me a "fake".

What? What am I faking? (LOL! Everyone knows Princess Crabby is too demanding to fake anything!) I said I was a civilian. Am I faking that? I thanked the Admiral for his time - was I insincere? LOL

But here's the best part - you are such a mental midget that you attempted to post your nasty little comment three times before you either realized that there was comments moderation turned on (Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.) or you gave up and crawled back under your rock.

Hey buddy - here's your bottle of colored water! All us fakes and quacks have colored water - you said so yourself!


capo del fuoco said...


Obviously this miscreant does not who s/he is messing with! Why is it that trolls have such a hard time with the English language?


Stella said...

LOL, you're offering this person Kook-Aide, right?

Galrahn said...

Sorry Maggie, not the first time my trash has spilled onto the lawn of other Navy bloggers.

Won't be the last time either I'm sure.

Nick said...

Obvious troll is obvious.