Thursday, February 05, 2009


So Jen and I head to the favorite breakfast place this morning. While we are eating, Jen leans to the side and says "What are those?". She gestures out the window behind me. I turn. There are birds on the porch of the RV park office across the parking lot. I turn back to her and raise an eyebrow "Who are you talking to?" LOL I don't know much about animals for the same reason she doesn't know much about animals. Hello! We both grew up in Charlestown. While we have both moved south of the city to a neighborhood with trees and a's not "Green Acres" for pity's sake! Then I notice the little feathers on the top of their heads...."They're, um, peacocks. Yes! Peacocks! That's it." And I gesture with my hand on the top of my head (I'm totally Irish, so this particular habit of mine - talking with my hands - must be the result of eating Italian food). She asks if they were there when we came in. Again I laugh, I am the most unobservant person eva! I have no idea.

Anyway, when it's time to go outside to the car, they are still there, maybe ten feet from my car.....I get in the drivers seat....Jen walks around to her side which is closer to the peacocks.

Jen gets in.
Then I start the car.
I saw "The Birds".

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Stella said...

The windows are all broken, and merchandise is lying on the sidewalk. Birds are everywhere, waiting...