Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Missed This Message From The Princess of Positive

I missed it when she posted it a couple of weeks ago....but I'm paying attention now!

Godspeed Bob Cerasoli
Posted on January 30th, 2009 by Greta
It was sad, but not surprising, to read the headlines this morning about the sudden retirement of New Orleans Inspector General Bob Cerasoli. I spoke with Bob on Tuesday after his interview with Eric Asher on WIST. He sounded tired, defeated and I felt the need to reach out to him. I told him that my family was here for him if he needed anything and that we supported whatever decision he made because life is too short! I was really feeling that on that particular day as the previous day I attended the funeral of a young hero laid to rest prematurely. He told me he appreciated my call but he could not discuss much right now and would call me at a later date when he could. I assured him he owed me no explanations but he insisted he would call me at a later date. We talked about my friend and fellow blogger Boston Maggie (he had read and commented on her blog before) and I explained how she was struggling with cancer but that her positive attitude will keep her going. I knew then, that his tenure would soon be over.
Greta ends the post with -
".....he’s coming home now. Your turn to watch out for him. Godspeed my friend!"

Roger that!

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