Monday, February 02, 2009

A Long Day

Jen & I spent the day with old family friends who lost their beloved patriarch.

The funeral. We were at the Cathedral because that was actually their parish. It was crowded, he was a good guy from a good family.

The cemetary.

The hanging out and crying. LOL, I'm kidding, it wasn't that bad. When you live a good life, raise a good family, and see your 76th birthday.......these things have a way of being a celebration. You tell your favorite stories. You see people you haven't seen in a while. You meet new people.

It was a long day, I left the house at 0930......and I pulled into the driveway at 2130. But it was by and large a good day.

This is the first I have seen some people since we found out my chemo didn't work. There's a conversational gem! If you saw me, I look just as I did when I was diagnosed. Just 25 lbs heavier - not 32 - thank you Dr. Atkins! It's hard to believe anything is wrong with me (are you listening Dr. H & Dr. M???)

So they say "Your treatment worked!"

And I get to say "No. But it's fine."

Shit, even I know that sounds stupid.

But it is fine. I feel so much better. I randomly decided last night to head to the gym at 2100 (no I didn't care about the Superbowl). Even with this pesky little head cold, I haven't needed Tylenol in days. This morning my hands ached a little, but no numbness, no tingling. No dizziness, no tremors.

But I am exhausted, so I am off to bed.

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FbL said...

I'm so glad you're feeling good!