Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. Wilders

Thank you Ahavath Torah Congregation for affording us the opportunity to hear Mr. Wilders.

Jen and I went together. We sat with Miss Kelly of MissKelly's Typad and her very nice spouse. We met with Fran, who does something with Republicans on Cape Cod. I got to see Jill of "Business of Life".

Originally Jen hesitated about going. Mr. Wilders had been on Bill O'Reilly and Jen assumed we would get no where near the place. I assured her that I had a connection. Although in the end, we were early enough to have scored seats on our own.

Jen informed me that people were pointing at us. It was after all a conservative Synagogue in Stoughton. The two Irish girls from Charlestown with dark smudges (you know Father Mahoney makes us look like chimney sweeps!) kinda stood out.

After the lecture was over a woman in the congregation came up to Jen, tapped her arm and thanked her for coming out to this presentation considering it was a Holy Day for us. You know I really can't think of a better way to celebrate Ash Wednesday than reinforcing our support of Israel and our stand against religious intolerance.

The Rabbi stood up and made some opening remarks in which he pointed out that this was not a new thing....America fighting Islamic extremism. He brought up the Barbary pirates and the USN Navy and President Adams......everywhere I go there is a Navy connection! He mangled the Marine hymn, but we forgive him (Psst - it's "to the shores of Tripoli"). After all, he was the reason Mr. Wilders was there.

Then they screened Fitna. I leaned toward Jen, "Have you seen this before?" She hadn't. "Well get ready, it's tough to take." The film received a standing ovation.

Geert Wilders came out on stage (together with his security - which sadly he does indeed need). He was also the recipient of a standing ovation.

He spoke of Europe's dangerous complacent slide into submission to an Islamist state. It is so chilling. He implored us to fight for Freedom of Speech. To fight for out ally, Europe. He reminded us that we had saved them from Nazism and Communism. He wrapped up his speech with the story of General McAuliffe......he wants us all to stand up to those who would push the multi-culti nonsense down our throats. To stand up to those who would say we are xenophobes and racists and to reply in the spirit of McAuliffe and say "Nuts!"

On our way a out a woman tapped Jen's arm. "You have something on your forehead." I laughed thinking she was joking. Jen answered "Yeah, it belongs there." The woman looked confused and repeated again that really, she had something on her head. Jen said "We're Catholic." She was quizzical and more perplexed when she saw my forehead. "It's Ash Wednesday." I said, trying to help.....but still I was laughing. I know I lived a sheltered life. I have just never had to explain Ash Wednesday to a stranger. I have non-Catholic friends who have asked some particular questions, but they have not found the concept completely foreign for Heaven's sake!

Anyway, it was lots of fun and Sol of Solomonia and Michael Graham of WTKK are sorry they weren't with us!

What should you take away from this? Don't be complacent. Exercise and protect you freedoms. Mr. Wilders will appear at the the US Capitol and propose a world wide 1st Amendment.

If you have never seen Fitna, you must watch it.

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Stella said...

LOL, " have something on your head...?" Sorry, don't mean to be mean, but how wonderful that you celebrated your spirituality at a house of worship of a different faith.

I found a fascinating article about Passiontide. I never knew about this period of Lent.