Wednesday, November 19, 2008

VI Day - 22 NOV

If you read here with any regularity you should be able to figure out what I am saying in the post title. After all, you would look at it and two other "days" would spring to mind..... VJ Day and VE Day. Then, following the pattern, you would realize I am talking about Victory in Iraq Day.Because that's what we have achieved. Saturday, November 22nd - Victory in Iraq Day.

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Stella said...

Maggie, cautious optimism: is this really true? MSM did not entirely ignore VI Day. From my hometown (liberal) paper: It doesn't matter who's right. If all sides agree on an Iraq drawdown, then claim victory and get out. Then again, that's the only newspaper article I found regarding VI day, but I like the sentiment. Who cares who's right if the war is over?

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama signaled his willingness to break with critics of the war who demand immediate withdrawal and instead proposed a deliberate drawdown, though still in line with his long-held goal of bringing the troops home within 16 months of taking office.

There's 150,000 troops in Iraq (I want them home). Based on common sense, evacuation can't reasonably be accomplished overnight. Obama makes sense, yes? I reserve my right to be critical of the war and understand the necessity of a drawdown.

Integrity forces me to admit that most of the posts I found came from conservative bloggers. I wonder if this announcement will come out in the media tomorrow... or the next day...?

Don't bristle: I am reminded of the Iranian prisoners release the day Reagan took office. There was something contrived about that moment: Iran's wait until Carter left office. Now that Bush et al. is leaving office, are they using the same tactic with VI Day to ensure W's legacy, about which he was concerned to the point of a nervous disorder? I sincerely ask that you please pardon my skepticism.

Politico (moderate) notes that When Barack Obama raises his hand and takes the oath of office next Jan. 20, he will inherit arguably the worst international mess ever passed on to an incoming president.

However, there's a lot of hope from the Gallup map concerning Obama's popularity, which contradicts Politico's comment.

I never agreed with this war. Yet, I could care less about politics if the war is over. We are left with hundreds of thousands of deaths. In the end, that's all war accomplishes, and I'm still concerned about uprisings in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I hope it's true, Maggie, that withdrawal finally occurs.

What an uplifting post. I want more press on this issue: did we win, or are there more military challenges around the corner as a result of Iraq?

And for you, Friday's only two days away.

Pia said...

Can we somehow tie this in with the date you informed me about back in 2006: Dec 22 (O for V Day)? I think it seems appropriate.

Pia said...

To wit:

BostonMaggie said...

Stella you kind of make the point for the guy (Zombie) who came up with this. Pretty much the majority of people in the know agrre that Iraq is won. All major MSM outlets have acknowledged it at one point or another. However, there has been no one event or announcement for people to pin as "it" Zombie picked 22 NOV. Other MSM outlets are not actually referring to it as "V" for victory. This is an Internet movement to get people to define it and have a unform response.

Of course Obama knows that it can't be an immediate withdrawal. LOL I have never, ever said the man was stupid. I can remember one of the Democratic primary debates where I suffered acute physical pain when Joe Biden was the voice of reason explaining why you couldn't just LEAVE.

I'll get back to the rest later.

I have to go to bed, big day tomorrow.

Stella said...

Maggie, some people don't get that you can't just "leave." To those that are less aware of the logistics of moving 150,000 troops, armament, and supplies, Biden is the voice of reason.

Even if you and I understand, some people genuinely don't know why we can't leave now. I'm sure he wants the soldiers home—his son is serving in Iraq. Not many Senators' children do. In fact, I think only two Senators have children serving/have served: Biden and Webb

Most people don't recognize how much it takes to move from one house to another. (I don't think dividing the country into three sections is a good idea, either.)

BostonMaggie said...

In fact, I think only two Senators have children serving/have served: Biden and Webb

LOL, are you forgetting my Bad Boyfriend????

Jimmy McCain was there, Jack is headed there and Doug was a Navy pilot like their father although not in Iraq, he's 48 and retired from the Navy.