Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not In The Mood For Stupid Questions

If you are here to gloat....find somewhere else. If you are here to insinuate that my support of John McCain was simply opposition to Obama (for whatever reason)..........stuff it.

A five year old could negotiate the archives on this site and see that I have supported McCain since time out of mind. I supported McCain against Bush in 2000.

I supported John McCain because I believed (and still believe) he was the best man for job. Period.

This was never a game for me. This wasn't about bragging rights. If the vote had gone as I wanted yesterday, there would not have been gloating. This isn't like the Red Sox winning the Series. This isn't like me picking the CNO more accurately then SB.

The Patriot Post sent out their email this morning with this quote from George Washington.
"We should never despair, our Situation before has been unpromising and has changed for the better, so I trust, it will again. If new difficulties arise, we must only put forth new Exertions and proportion our Efforts to the exigency of the times."


Pia said...

What the hell is wrong with people? I got an email today from someone I've known since I was 14. She's a hippie in the worst sense (brought up on a commune and now bringing her family up on the same one) but she's a childhood friend and we've always stayed in touch and politely agreed to disagree w/regards to politics. I got a disgusting email from her today, a forwarded diatribe written by left-wing loonies that managed to fully get my ire up. So I let her have it. As you said, it's not like we were just cheering on our favorite team. I have legitimate concerns — REAL concerns about our safety/freedoms/financial success etc. I've decided to be a good cheer and see what happens, but I can't promise to stay on the high road when assholes reveal themselves.

Stella said...

Maggie, I find gloating in appropriate. The George Washington comment is apt. We must work together. That's the end of the matter. I don't care who you voted for; I do care that you're well and healing. People are more important than politics.

Pia, I don't know the contents of the "disgusting email," but please know most liberals are more interested in ameliorating the eight-year schism between liberals and conservatives. I am a stalwart liberal and, although I get a little feisty, would not send a nasty email to you or Maggie. I'm sorry the contents upset you so much.

Staying on the high road when assholes reveal themselves is a challenging task, but an important one. But, always remember to take a moment and figure out whether they're assholes or just don't agree with you. I'm here to let you know that more of us are not like your friend than are. We, too, want safety, freedom, and financial success. Always take the high road. Always.

I do not, and never did, like Bush. (In fact, I've disliked him since Texas elected him governor over Ann Richards, whom I greatly admired). Maggie, sit down. I, too, thought McCain was a great candidate in 2000, and felt that Bush's nasty attacks revealed malicious and dirty tactics. I felt McCain was treated unfairly, in fact horribly, by the Bush campaign. I considered voting for him then, but not in this election.

You both summed up this election well: it's not like we were just cheering on our favorite team. Absolutely. The real work begins now. Am I happy Obama won? Of course. The McCain-Palin ticket simply did not match my values.

Those conservatives that booed at McCain's concession speech last night were inappropriate: if I had been there last night, I would have shook his hand for the graciousness he exhibited in quelling his constituency. That's not indicative of all conservatives, just like Ms. Hippie is not representative of all liberals.

Maggie, no matter how vehemently we disagree sometimes, you know I respect you. I loathe Bill Kristol, so you think I'd read his articles for just anyone?

It's November 5th, the election's over. Time to follow the examples of Russ Feingold and John McCain who worked together on bipartisan campaign reform. Both sides of the aisle have something to offer.

Now, that's the kind of bipartisanship action that makes this liberal gloat.