Sunday, November 30, 2008

Points - You Win Some - You Lose Some

You all know that I use a point system in every aspect of my life. I give points, I strive to earn points, I ask for points, I demand points (that part never works with SB, even when he stops laughing). Every good thing I have ever done was (in some part) with the hope of gaining points for heaven. (Yes, yes, Grace, I know you say it doesn't work like that, but since neither of us has been there yet, I could be right).

My Dad and my brother Frankie are working on my bedroom again today. My father came out and handed me two screws. "You need a jar or a margarine tub to keep these kind of things in. You never know when you will need this screw. These are nice screws." As he was talking I walked into the kitchen and picked up an old spaghetti sauce jar (yes, sauce from a jar, I am Irish, I like it) and walked toward him - it was full of random screws and bits.

"Yes, very good."

Woohoo! A point.

I don't know how much I deserve the point. After all, the jar is only to have shut the other men in my life up. My exhusband John , Joe who works on the house, Mike the worst b/f eva, my father, my uncles. Any man who has ever helped me with a project has presented me with something at the end and told me to save it. Boards, strapping, dryer parts, half of a piano hinge and a ton of screws and nails. I keep the jar, although every once in a while I dump some. Otherwise the stupid jar would over flow. I have never once used something out of the jar. Although to be fair I think Frankie (my son) has. So the point is for having a place to recycle good leftover bits. Yet I have never used and any and I only keep it to shut people up. Do I deserve the point? Well, I have other points I don't deserve, so I don't care.

A point is a point.

And then I lost it.

My father had refinished one of my windows because the glass broke. I took it to Charlestown, he repaired the glass stripped the wood, painted it, caulked's perfect. I brought it home and put it in. It was easy, there is no framing around the window because there are no walls yet.

I hear him yelling at Frankie and walk into the bedroom. Frankie is laughing. "Who put that window in?" he demands, pointing at it.

The problem is immediately apparent to me. The window is upside down. It doesn't save me from the window lesson. LOL Good thing I am not on steroids today, I might have burst out crying.

A well, off to see if I can't do something right. It would be nice to finish the day a point ahead.


BillT said...

You get a point for not SuperGluing the window in place.

Someone who shall remain nameless did that to me three years ago when I was refinishing the bathroom.

She was *not* happy when I used all her nail polish remover to loosen the glue so I could get it out...

Anonymous said...

Seems it is actually a NO POINT day. Win one, lose one. That adds up to ZERO!
Points you may have accrued that you do not deserve will be deducted during FINAL tally. My guess is you'll be in the red when all accounting is completed!

Stella said...

Oh, come on: you're always a few points ahead.