Thursday, November 06, 2008

Jen & I Need To Learn That We Don't Have.....

.....the power of Ramses, lol.

"So let it be written; so let it be done." If only it were that easy!

For the last few weeks people had been asking how I would be on election day. I knew that there was a discussion between the Town Clerk, her staff and my Warden (who just happens to be my friend and boss at work) about how I'd hold up. I assured everyone that because steroid day was Wednesday, that on Tuesday I'd be great. Steroid day has moved to Thursday, but the theory still held.

So did I really believe that? Yes....yes I did.
Was I mistaken? Lol, yes....yes I was.

Sometimes, I am so arrogant that I let the power of positive thinking carry me away.

Sometimes, I sling it so well *I* buy it.

Out of the first 21 day cycle of Revlimid there were two days when the drug affected my digestive system. They were both in the first week. Somehow I decided that meant I was past that particular reaction. Somehow I decided that after twenty one days of one round and five days of another, there was a pattern and I had figured it alllllll out. Smart Maggie! She knows everything. She'll just tell everyone "Don't worry, I have everything under control!"

I took the Revlimid and my regular vitamins around 1230 and started to feel a little sluggish about an hour later. I knew something was wrong because I was moving so slowly and people started asking if I was ok. I spun some story about the pills making me a little tired, but that it wouldn't last long. Basically talking out of my hat. Then about two hours later....I was sick....and again a little bit later. Great. At about 1600 I had to confront the reality that I was ten hours into what would later prove to be a sixteen hour day and I was completely drained of energy.

Today I had to go grab Jen at work because she had similarly decided that with her current medication schedule, she could handle a nine hour day. She made it seven hours before she cried uncle. We exchanged stories on the drive home and lamented our lack of power over our lives.

One last note. Despite what it cost me in lost wages and the toll it took on me physically.....I would still have worked that election even if I knew ahead of time. I think I would have just brought brighter lipstick with me. Judging from some of the looks I got, I think I looked pretty ghastly. LOL

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Stella by Starlight said...

Sometimes, I am so arrogant that I let the power of positive thinking carry me away. Yeah, me too, Maggie. My mantra: "It's OK. I can handle it." I worked the election: you did the right thing to take care of yourself.

When I first shaved my head from chemo, a woman sitting on a bench stared at me pointedly—well, rudely. I was at the hospital and got so offended with her unceasing, rude stare, I looked her dead in the eye and said, "It's cancer. Get over it."

I'm praying for you. (Yes, liberals pray. LOL!) If I learned anything, it's that no one has power over their lives. Take care of yourself: I wish you well.