Thursday, November 20, 2008

The End of the Second Cycle

In a half hour I will get on the train and head into downtown to meet with Dr. Miller. I took the last revlimid yesterday and the last of the steroids today.

We will see if this had any effect.

If I were a betting person, I would say "No".

Saying this really peeves certain people.

It's put me in a unique position. No, not peeving people, I've been doing that forever. I mean being the only one looking at something logically.

IGA tends to be drug resistant. We knew that from the start. Revlimid works by supressing the bad plasma, but at the same time it supresses platelets and white blood cells. My platelets and white blood cells are fine. They have been checked every two weeks or so since October 1st. So, it seems logical to me that it had no effect on the bad plasma. I am just connecting the dots as I see them.

People yell at me, or speak sternly but it is logical. So they follow up with "Well, you just have to keep taking it until they tell you differently. LOL I did! I took every blasted one of them even though it was quite masochistic. I have never so carefully adhered to a schedule or a plan as I have with these pills. Every day's plan centered around where I would be around noon and making sure I had stuff with me.

So now, let's see who wins...........logic or hope.

I have other questions too. Yesterday I got the report from my September visit with Schlossman. It's making me question my staging.

You know what they say about a little knowledge......I know just enough to make myself crazy. Plus, it's steroid day and my head is pounding.

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Stella said...

I went through the platelet dip, so you must be doing everything right. Not taking the Revlimid would have been masochistic.

My doctor told me not to research too much (LOL, like I could stop myself) or I'd go crazy. Well, of course I did both. You've probably been proactive about this already: write down your concerns for those doctor's visits.

I hope your headache gets better soon. Email me anytime.