Friday, November 28, 2008

I Am Used and Abused

Stopped by Jen's tonight to hang after work. We are all messed up, we think it's Sunday night.

So we were watching an episode of "The Unit" stored in the DVR and it was set in Afghanistan. One charecter announces he is Pashtun. Jen asks me "What is that?" I reply that it's an ethnicity in Afghanistn and list several others.....Uzbek, Tajik, Turkman.......

Jen smirks "Of course you know that. No one else watching this show knows that....nevermind spouting off the others."

I replied "You know, you ask these questions and I answer you and then you ridicule me. I'm not answering anymore."

She laughed and said I couldn't help was like a form of Tourette's.

Another note........last night I watched a month old episode of "Grey's Anatomy" and a man showed up on the show!!!!! LOL I don't watch it often, all the guys are too young, too skanky or half gay. But Major Owen Hunt is an actual man. He isn't prettier than I am and he hasn't slept with half of the hospital staff and he was authoritative without being pissy. Bonus, they cast Lucius Vorenus.
An anonymous commenter left a YouTube link to all the scene with Major Hunt or "Major McManly" as they are calling him. Apparently I am not the only woman to notice, lol.
Thanks, Anonymous! (I highlighted the link in red because he is hot! LOL)


Anonymous said...

You can see all of Dr. Owen Hunt's scenes on Grey's so far here:


BostonMaggie said...

Sweet! I updated the post with your info. Thanks.

Pia said...

Oh, how I miss Lucius and Titus! Not sure I can start watching Grey's however. I think it's on past my bedtime anyway.