Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go Bid On Some Great Navy Things For Project Valour-IT

OK here are the links

"Six Frigates" by Ian Tolls. This is a must read Navy book. The author has graciously agreed to personally autograph this book for the winning bidder.

"A Most Fortunate Ship" by CDR Tyrone Martin, USN (ret). This book about USS Constitution was written by the 58th commanding officer of this great ship (I contacted him through Old Ironsides's current CO, thanks Bill). The winning bidder will have to be a little patient, it will take a little longer to get as the author is currently traveling outside of the US, but you will have it as soon as possible. And really now, isn't having it inscribed to you worth the wait?

"The Two Ocean War " by Samuel Eliot Morison. Ok, this isn't going to be autographed because the author passed away when I was a sophmore in high school. But it comes to you straight from Princess Crabby and it also comes with something extra. A Barbary War Medallion. Which is a limited edition commemorative from the USS Constitution Museum.

More about these items in this post.


Anonymous said...

Don't try to outbid me on Six Frigates Maggie. You will lose, lose, lose.


Benjamin Walthrop

BostonMaggie said...

Baby! You are going owe me big time if you are the winner.