Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Got A Promotion, But Don't Worry......

Jennifer and her BFF will keep my head from getting too big.

This morning's ID post -
So I am looking through the list of supporters for Team Navy, you know, pretending like I'm actually leading this fleet. For the record, I'm not, Boston Maggie is doing all of the work and I'm doing everything the Queen of the Sea tells me to.

I tell Jen in the car on the way home......."I got a promotion today. I'm Queen of the Sea."

"What sea? Like the Black Sea? I could understand that. An important sea?"

Then later SB responds in exactly the same way! "What sea?"

I laughed. "That's just what Jen said."

"Well? What sea? Chelsea?"

I repeated that one for Jennifer.....she's still laughing.

If you are from Charlestown, you get why the Chelsea thing left a mark.

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