Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Last Lecture

Sometime last fall I watched "The Last Lecture". It was interesting and moving and I remember crying a little at the end. My impression was that Professor Randy Pausch was a very unique person.

Then in late July, I read of Professor Pausch's passing. We discussed it in the office and Rachael mentioned she had the book that went with the lecture. She brought it in the next day and I have been reading it in small doses ever since.

Rachael's mother was stunned that she gave me the book. She told Rachael that she felt as though she should write me a letter of apology on her daughter's behalf. I laughed and told Rachael to tell her mother not to worry, I was loving the book - in small doses.

I've just finished it.

I highly recommend it.

See? Not everything I read is Navy...or porn....but I repeat myself.

Seriously, read the book and watch the lecture. Even if you are the picture of health. I was in great shape when I watched the video last fall (or at least I didn't know I wasn't, lol). There is really something in it for everyone.

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Homefront Six said...

I ordered the DVD and have watched it with my teens at church. It is a powerful message and one that I think hits hard, especially for the teen group as they are getting ready to truly embark on life.

My own children will watch it with me at some point as well.