Friday, August 13, 2010

This Weekend

Ok, so I had to cancel the Cold River Adventure. It's a bummer, but I had to be realistic....for once, lol. But there were actually two blogging friends who were awesome enough to come in from out of town for this, so there will still be a get-together.

Saturday these friends, my sisters, some cousins, some work friends, some Rocky Nook friends and whoever else wants to show (seriously drop me an email if you are interested) will get together here at Jen's house.

I was pretty sure based on all I have read about my particular chemo drugs that I would not be up for a drive to the Cold River Distillery and wander around. I don't drink very often, on average once every other month. I am generally the designated driver. But a few years ago when I was having a problem with the foreign policy decision that is choosing a vodka.....someone told me about Cold River. It is made from Maine potatoes and it is delicious. So when I found out they gave tours, I thought that sounded like fun.

From that idea, a whole adventure grew. there was going to the tour, then dinner and then thanks to AW1Tim, the next day there would be a Bath Iron Works tour.

It was going to be a primo Princess Crabby Adventure! Friends, food, vodka, Navy ships!

So, instead....there will be friends, food, vodka here in Rocky Nook. Join us if you can. As an enticement let me say that I become nicer as I imbibe.


thatbeGen said...

i want to be there!

thatbeGen said...

actually i want to be there real bad! or have you come here ;)

BostonMaggie said...

And we wish you could be there...but you are off playing with kangaroos and eating shrimp on the barbie with handsome Australian boys....right?

BostonMaggie said...

We will buy a MegaMillions ticket and when we win....we will all come over

Kanani said...

Have a great time. ;)