Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Checking In

I am in Florida relaxing. Saturday I head to Indiana for the wedding.

Everything is good.

Miss me.


Howard Titus said...

Good afternoon, Maggie. I stumbled across your blog while searching for some information, and I noted that your father had served in USS Norris in the '50s. My father-in-law, Fred Tucker, was CO of Norris from 1955 - 1957. Do these dates correspond with your father's service? Fred was an ex-submariner who was drafted into destroyer duty when the Navy had a shortage of surface skippers. The theory (and I believe it was Arleigh Burke who propounded it) was that there was no one better at ASW than an ex-submariner.

From your profile, you could be my twin sister (20 years apart) with many similar tastes and interests. I am ex-Army, but I have about 2 1/2 years of sea duty in USS Midway as a civilian. Best job I ever had. My wife and I live in NH, but I was Boston born, and raised in Winthrop.

Let me know about your father's service in Norris. You can contact me at I don't do Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

Howard Titus

Warrant Diver said...

i don't know which coast you're on but there are Naval Bases at Mayport and Kings Bay GA, which is just miles north of should go check one out if you can.