Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well, There Were M&Ms....21Lbs of Them

Last night about a dozen or so friends showed up for a get together. Andi of SpouseBuzz showed up with a big bag of M&Ms and a card that said "Because if Maggie ain't happy.....ain't nobody happy". Between her giant bag and what my sister Grace brought, we has just over 21 pounds of M&Ms here!

This was the last minute party that replaced the Cold River Adventure. My sisters were here of course, and my coworkers and some Rocky Nook friends. My sons and their girlfriends. But what was most stunning to me....Andi and Mary Ripley came from out of state to eat chocolate and drink booze and listen to my sister Grace tell them every last embarrassing thing she could think of about me.

We went to Pioppis to get some of my favorite Cold River vodka. There was one bottle left. I grabbed it so quickly, I really didn't look. We also picked up some vodka from Nantucket. so I started off the night with a few Triple Eight Cape Codders. Finally it was time to crack open the *ahhh* COLD RIVER VODKA! Chris makes me a Cape Codder and I am drinking and thinking...wht's wrong??? Jen clues me in....did I know that I bought BLUEBERRY vodka? Umm, no. It was delish, but it didn't go with the cranberry juice.

I also put out a bowl of Hershey "Extra Creamy, Milk Chocolate w/Toffee & Almonds". They are in little gold wrapped blocks. Bette confessed after a little bit that she thought I had put out little butter pats..... Well that would be a good offering for an Atkins crowd!

My blog boss....Mary Ripley was there and my sisters loved her! Which is a good thing considering that she wants to be a "McInnis sister". After this weekend, she is in.

Oh well. We ended up on the second floor deck. I gave up at 2:30 am.
We laughed and drank and ate until the wee hours of the morning.
It was great.


Tom Goering said...

That is about 10,500 individual, plain M&M's. Just sayin :)

MaryR said...

It was a great time Maggie! Though I couldn't figure out who Diane was...people kept talking about Diane...

You have a lovely family and friends :) It was great to be a part of your adventure!

Yer Marine said...

And you wanted Yer Marine at this CHICKFEST?!?!?!?!

I would have had the hair on my chest revoked! I would find myself watching Lifetime and Oxygen channels, and using skin care products. And asking people "do these shorts make me look fat?"

And you were sposta be watching Midway seven times.

Glad you had fun. Does SWMBO know who "Diane" is yet?

Did you invite Charlie Bravo?

Greta Perry said...

I am so sorry I could not make it..but I would have eaten all the M&M's!!! Glad it went off well.

BostonMaggie said...

tom - What a mind. I read the comment to Jen and she is comforted to know that my friends are just as crazy as I am.

Mary - that Diane is just a troublemaker!

Charlei Bravo was not on the approved invite list and there was a bouncer and a velvet rope.

Greta - this many M&Ms is threatening to overwhelm me!!!