Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yesterday Was Productive

There was no crying thank heavens! And today will be better.

I have to start paying more attention to the weather so I know when it's better to leave the windows open. Jen keeps the house at a steady 68 to 72. But I have been having hot flashes/night sweats and last night it was 61 outside. That would have been nice. Tonight will be cool too, so remind me to open the windows. Besides the AC in my room occassionally gives off a funny plastic smell. That was happening before the drugs and Jen has smelled it (in my room only) so it's not a phantom. *Note, I didn't say I'm not crazy*

I made it into work after cleaning my room and brought all the food /snacks from Saturday night that I didn't prepare and put out. When I have a party my sisters are always carping that I spend too much time in the kitchen so lots of my food was never assembled and brought to the guests. No one went hungry because I overbuy to a ridiculous degree and other people were paying the grocery tab. I ran three errands Saturday. Frankie gave me mad money for Walmart and Mary Ripley was with me in the liquor store and Stop & Shop and handily outwitted me when it came to forking over a credit card.

Anyway, my bosses son who is always hungry was thrilled and everyone else enjoyed the snacks except for Bette who hangs onto Atkins with a steel grip. I should aspire to be like her. I actually have a plan to get back on because Atkins or low carbs make it much easier to handle the steroid. If I have this correct, Friday is my last steroid until September 7th. So I could shoot for that being back on in time for their resumption.

Then I took myself to the movies. I am one of my favorite I saw "Inception" I enjoyed it. I love the whole dream/fantasy/change life's circumstances to suit your own need. Plus there was an aspect that I found irresistably romantic.

Today is a largely drug-free day. No steroid, no infusion, no revlimid. I was up early, dressed, made and enjoyed breakfast with Jen. I have finished the laundry and even made Jen's bed for her. I am hitting the gym. After work I will make cookies for the infusion room nurses tomorrow.

I am blogging, answering email while I listen to Kosheen "All In My Head". Seven years ago, I was in the midst of the BEST VACATION EVAH! and this played on the European MTV channel. It was one of several songs I loved that summer. Beyonce "Crazy in Love"; ColdPlay "Clocks"; Limp Bizkit "Eat You Alive" and especially Lifehouse "Take Me Away" the Amsterdam concert version. When they would come on, I would run through the apartment turning all 3 TVs to max and sing. I'm sure the neighbors loved me, the stupid deaf American.

Did you know I got presents from the Navy this week? I got added to the CHINFO Clips mailing list. I used to get other people to forward them to me....but now I am in! LOL!

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Warrant Diver said...

Hey, you, little miss I don't know what the f*&%k your name is I'm drawn to you something's magnetic here-

I laughed out loud when you said you liked Limp Bizkit's "Eat You Alive"! One of my favorite CDs ever is that one...I have to remind my wife not to blast it when my kids are in the car because so much of it is profane. If you're not familiar with the whole CD it is called "Results May Vary" and is very good, if you like that kind of music. And it appears you do. Check out "almost over" and "underneath the gun"
Funny, Maggie. That really surprised me.