Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've Surfaced

I slept well.....and when most people are expected to sleep, lol. It is still windy and stormy here. I love how it sounds.....very "Ghost & Mrs. Muir".The ocean is less than a hundred feet from where I sleep. If you climb the stairs from the beach, walk across about ten feet of grass, cross the street....you are in Jen's front yard. My room faces the back. I love the window and as you can see I have my bed pulled right into it. The desk is one I likely sat in during my years ar St. Francis de Sales School. My uncle Walter refinished it and it's a treasured possession. So I am sitting here, sorting through emails and eating my flax cereal...another plan that got away from me, lol. When I am on Atkins, there is this hot flax cereal I eat and it's good, I like it. So even when I am not on Atkins, I try to eat it to counteract how bad I am being. So I had planned to make a point of eating it every day when I went into chemo....you know, when I was supposed to do it in October. I thought it might be easier if I ate the cereal and went to the gym every day. But then I got ambushed into going on chemo early and all plans went out the window. LOL! Guess what? My liver can't multi-task. I am not supposed to be drinking. So, that party with all the M&Ms and vodka.....turns out I couldn't have picked a worse theme. Oh well, live and learn.

So I ate my cereal, I am headed to the gym. I have some errands to run. And then tonight....there may be blogging. you know, real blogging about something other than my health and my chemo.

Criminy! Might even be something about the Navy!!!!

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Kanani said...

What a pretty room. Sigh. I wish I lived by the ocean. Packing bags. Move over.