Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Marine's Wish......

...well, you know the rest....

I am posting his email whole and unedited. It is My Marine's version of the event chronicled in this post -

The subject line read "I Demand Equal Billing"

Put this on your post, if you think it is fair:

"When the late Johnny Most used to broadcast Celtics games,
Tommy Heinsohn (who has been known in his own right to
overwork hyperbole) would say that the Cs played a double
header, the one on the court and the one that Most broadcast.

Similar is true of reading Maggie's version of events.
While not wrong, per se, just different from how one

On the Midway question, I gave her all the hints in the
world. I bet you haven't watched the movie even once yet,
and probably had Jen sign off on the papers.

She did like shooting. She will be damned if she will admit
it, but she did.

And we did establish that someone who reads an article and
is thrown into distraction by a typo or a grammatical faux
pas is, well, FUSSY. Not wrong, but fussy.

As for being teased for saying something isn't her fault,
she would be endlessly teased for actually admitting that
something IS her fault. (Once I recovered from the shock of
hearing her say so.) The four words most people likely say
when they greet someone are 'Hi, how are you?' Maggie's
four words are 'It's not my fault!'.

But the time spent was delightful and her company charming.
Four hours went in a blink. She is mistaken about the ego,
however. I know all too well what my shortcomings are, and
what little I know about so many things.

Oh, and Maggie, those pipes I pointed out? Chaff launchers
Whatever you say, baby!

And you can call me whatever name you like.....but Armed Forces Journal needs a better editor.

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