Thursday, August 19, 2010


But other kinds too!

Eating my perfectly paoched eggs at the counter while I bake cookies for the infusion room nurses and wait for my Bloggers RoundTable to start in 10.
***UPDATE - I wasn't as good as I thought. The cookies baked during the RT were slightly overdone. They will still be eaten, but they were not perfect. The next four dozen were perfect. Kitchen cleaned! Onward!!!


Yer Marine said...

What was it Chief Wild Eagle said to Wrangler Jane in the F Troop episode when she gave him the burnt cookies?

"Baby cannonballs! Why you give us cannonballs? We no have cannon!"

Gawd, what great television....

Tom Goering said...

I love slightly overdone cookies - they soak up the milk better.

BostonMaggie said...

I said a little overdone. Not burnt. I would throw away burnt cookies.

Yer Marine said...

I was stretching the analogy to provide a humorous comment!