Friday, August 06, 2010

Down Time

I am not doing anything constructive today.


I took a long shower.

I am headed to the pool.

No work.

No Navy.

Just lounging.

Darn it.....I just realized that I have no Cosmopolitan to read. It's my favorite pool side read.

But I have M&Ms and sunblock, thank goodness.

If you need me...bring a Cape Codder to the pool and I'll consider letting you interrupt.

But tomorrow, I return & it's alllll Navy....and some USMC, lol. I am touring USS Truxton, DDG-103. They have come to Newport to visit me!

1 comment:

Warrant Diver said...

C'mon Maggie get nautical...goofing off when there is work to be done is "skylarking", not "down time." Use it next time you're on the Ironsides, it's real old-school Navy.