Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SouthieBoy's Other Maggie

You know Maggie isn't my real name. Very shortly after meeting me, SouthieBoy found out it wasn't either. At the time, that was a closely held secret....seven years ago.

One of his first questions was "What shall I call you? Maggie? Diane?" I replied that either was fine, it was his choice. He chose Maggie. He said he had always liked it because of "In Harm's Way" a movie that both of us love. I explained that I was not a stoic Lt. Maggie Haynes type....I was more a hysterical Madelyn Buckman type and we laughed.

I remember when he was promoted a few years ago and I stole a line from "In Harm's Way" from when John Wayne is promoted from Captain to Rear Admiral. Maggie asks "How do admirals feel about nurses?" and Rock says "The same way captains did." Only I substituted his rank and "girls named Maggie".

I called him and told him about Patricia Neal's passing yesterday and he said "You know, I think we'll watch that movie again soon."


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