Monday, August 02, 2010

Khandahar Marine Update

A little over a month ago I asked for something. I asked you all to help my favorite BMCS take care of some wounded Marines who were temporarily billeted near his unit in Khandahar. I asked you to send stuff and to spread the word on this to your friends. I also asked my fellow bloggers to get the word out.

What happened was a really great thing......a bunch of you opened up your hearts and your wallets and sent over care packages. Or should we say "because you care" packages. You cared that these Marines were in a tough spot. You cared that they were hanging out in a boring place with no comfort items while they waited the two or three or five weeks to be transported to their next destination. You cared that they needed sheets and t-shirts and shower shoes and stuff to pass the time.
And because you cared, this truck pulled up and was full of packages.
Look how happy my favorite BMCS is! Yes, that's the happy face of a Senior Chief Boatswain's me, I know these things.
LEGOS!!! Who sent Legos? Hmmm, I think I know....and it's pretty damn cool. I wish I thought of it! That's a happy Marine!
So now all the SeaBees of NMCB21 and the Marines get to work unloading. (Marines are in green t-shirts. Note the difference in the camo pattern. What can I say, I am a connoisseur)
Well, not everyone. I guess I'm going to be talking to these two guys later. (Kidding! I am sure they helped earlier.)
Load this boy up!

Now what?
There is some prep work going on.
They celebrated with a cook-out!

Thanks everyone!
If you read this post and you are thinking "Gee, I wish I could have gotten in on this and sent a care package." No worries! This project is far from over. There is a 2 to 5 week turnover in this wounded Marine population. They are arriving every few days, directly from the battlefield where they were injured & all they have is the clothes on their back. So if you want to drop me an email, we can keep this going!

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Yer Marine said...

Wonderful program that the Marines are most grateful for!

But Sweetie,

They are WOUNDED. Not injured. You get injured playing softball or cleaning your gutters. You get wounded in combat....