Monday, June 15, 2009

I Am Wiped Out!

All the partying.

All the carbs.

All the stalking of Sailors.

All the crashing of parties.

I had fun with family - and cake on Saturday.

I had a blast at the Bunker Hill Day Parade - and cake on Sunday.

Today I got a private tour of USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG-58 and absolutely couldn't be more impressed with my tour guide, ENS Dick. She was courteous and enthusiastic. She put up with all my nonsense questions.

I am grateful to everyone on board for their service and their courtesy to me. Especially to the very brace CO, CDR Sellers who did not flinch in the face of Hurricane Maggie!

Tonight I was front and center at the Old South Meeting House for David O Stewart's appearance. The details are here.

My copy of "Impeached - the Trial of President Andrews Johnson and the Fight For Lincoln's Legacy" is inscribed -

"To Maggie,
With gratitude for telling me where to go,
David O. Stewart"

To get the joke you have to here.

And now I have to go to bed. I haven't blogged sufficient details on anything. I haven't gotten my other stuff onto the Navy Memorial. I haven't answered all my emails. I haven't retweeted all the messages I liked on Twitter.

But I have to go to bed. Not to worry, I won't leave you without stuff to read!

First, a quickie at Cincinnatus on how the numbers on the uninsured break down.
"Obama Care - The Real Numbers"

Next (tissue alert) GI Jess blogs on "They Way We Get By" - I can't wait for this movie to come out on DVD. I can't believe they didn't think to release this movie in time for Father's Day! Jess gets to see it when it shows in DC - I am jealous!

Bill Maher grudgingly admitting that McCain (and the rest of us) was right about the cult of Obama. He's a jerk about Bush, but I didn't expect it to be otherwise. But it is delicious to hear him to rip Obama.

And today in Medal of Honor history is NAVY & he is from BOSTON! Thanks to TSO at "This Ain't Hell" for emailing it to our group with the title "Today in Medal of Honor history....For Maggie". You know I love presents baby!

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CDR Bullard said...

Glad to hear you got on Sammy B!

I have the good fortune know CAPT Kelley personally; one of the benefits of the job. What a truly great American.