Thursday, June 04, 2009

OK, I Know You Expect More From Me

But I have to go lie down. Maybe I'll get up later and blog, maybe not. I was so worried about not getting to sleep early enough last night that I took two pills. Well, then I just had bad dreams and woke up at 0417. Then I sat in the sun and baked my brain....good thing there was no quiz at the end of the ceremony.

But you know, if you thought my plans would survive contact with reality.....well, you haven't been paying attention, lol.

So, CancerGirl (du-du-du-dah!) is going to go take it easy for a bit.

Look on the side at my "Naval Blogosphere". There are lots of good choices there. And don't be fooled by that "one month ago" under SJS. He's got brand new stuff today. I don't know why it doesn't update.

No, I am not putting links in this post....for pity's sake, scroll over, lol. I told you, I'm wiped out.

1 comment:

Tom Goering said...

Relax! I hope you get a good night sleep, you deserve it!