Friday, June 05, 2009

General Petraeus Misses Out!

There were actually two things on my dance card for this week. Midway and General Petraeus. I have blogged and Twittered and emailed endlessly the last few weeks about the Battle of Midway observance. However, I had to keep my lips zipped about General P.

I did mention it to a few people (that was allowed), I just couldn't blog it. You see the General was in Boston yesterday and today to commission ROTC candidates.

Today's ceremony was scheduled to be held at USS Constitution. As one might imagine I have cultivated a tie or two there.

So yesterday I was relaying some of my "Midway Day" to the Armorer.

Explaining how wonderful it was I said "Oh, you have no idea!!! And tomorrow, if things go as expected, General Petraeus will have the pleasure of meeting me.........."

His reply was not unlike that of SB, SB's BFF - my sister Jen, etc. -
"Oh, I have *every* idea.
Has anyone warned Petraeus? I have his email somewhere

Anyway, due to weather conditions, the ceremony was moved to the Coast Guard station.....where I have yet to have a handle on the strings.....much less pull them.....

As I explained to the person who had invited me in the first place -
"I'm fine with it. To tell you the truth of the two events this week, I got to the one I cared about. Sure it would have been a "blog coup" to brag about meeting Petraeus and thanks for permission to do so. But it was Midway that had me excited. It was the Midway commemoration that mattered."

And I meant it.

So depending on your point of view - General Petraeus missed out on the chance of a lifetime....or he narrowly escaped!

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