Friday, June 12, 2009

How's My Attention Deficit Going?

In the post below I say the USS Bataan LHD 5 is coming to Boston.

No it's not.

First I mentioned it out on Twitter and one of my fav Tweeps @NavyNews comes out and says....."No, it's not." I say "Well Sea Waves says it is."

Then I post it below and another of Princess Crabby's Navy Coterie emails -

BATAAN deployed mid-April to the Persian Gulf. Where'd you hear she was coming to Boston? She was there already last summer, wasn't she?

I direct him to the SeaWaves website. He writes back.

Just looked and it says "cancelled"...but I'm on my blackberry and websites are never exactly right.Cool website, though!

So I look and there is another column if you scroll to the right.


Yeah, ADD, not so good for the reading comprehension skills.


USS Winston Churchill DDG 81 is coming to Newport next month......paging CDR Pyle!


Mrs. K said...

Newport is to me, what ireland is to your father. I WILL GET THERE!

Anonymous said...

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