Monday, June 29, 2009

The Coast Guard Loves Me!!!!

That high pitched squealing you heard earlier??? Yeah, that was me!

In my email this morning -

Good Morning Ma'am,

I am a U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs Officer here in Washington, DC and I heard from Commander Ron LaBrec that you two talked at the Pentagon one time. He said he saw a follow-on post on your blog where you mentioned that "a boat ride would be nice."

Well, how does a ride on the Coast Guard's tall ship, Barque Eagle, sound? She is making a port call in Boston next week and we would like to invite you on the inbound transit. Are you interested?
Am I interested?!?! Hell ya!

I sent back a very calm "Thank you. I accept." Then went back to screaming. LOL

I would have told you all to come out for the Tall Ships anyway....but now you have the added motivation of waving to me aboard Barque Eagle!


FbL said...

Congratulations on being asked. How awesome!!!

ChrisCicc said...

Nice Maggie! As a fellow Bostonian I am jealous...

Boquisucio said...

Sweeet - Mag on The Eagle.

I haven't been on board since the summer of 1982, when I went to Groton. As a fellow Coastie, my father has always been proud of that ship.

wolfwalker said...

I got aboard Eagle dockside a couple of years ago, when she was visiting Portsmouth. Mightily impressive ship. And you get to ride her while underway? I'm envious.

Did you know that Eagle's history includes a starring role in an SF novel? See Island in the Sea of Time by S. M. Stirling.

Galrahn said...

That kicks ass. Eagle is one cutter I'd love get on.

Tom Goering said...

Maggie, that is outstanding!!! Will you get to climb the mast? WOOOT!

Ryan Erickson said...

Right On! Make sure to get TONS-O-PICTURES!!!

She's a fun ride, infact all of my sea time in the Coast Guard was on here... all two weeks!