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My friend, RDML Messerschmidt, would like me to share this with you.......and I am ever at his disposal!
Force Leadership:

CNO ADM Gary Roughead briefed the Subcommittee on Defense, Senate Committee on Appropriations (SACD) On June 2, 2009. Following the admiral's prepared posture statement, Sen. Thad Cocharan, (R-Mississippi) asked the CNO about the Navy Reserve (below).

This shows how much the Navy Reserve is valued for our capabilities and expertise. I encourage you to share this quote with your Sailors and civilians as an example of how their contributions are being noticed and honored at the highest levels.

Vr & Wr/RDML M
Rear Admiral John Messerschmidt
Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command


COCHRAN: I had the pleasure of spending several years as a Reserve officer following active duty in the Navy, and I enjoyed the opportunities of going back to Newport, Rhode Island, for example, and being on the staff of the -- of the faculty at Officer Candidate School, and continuing to be involved.

Do you still have a strong Reserve program utilizing the experience and talents of -- of former active duty officers in Reserve activities, or do we -- is that a wise investment? Or what is your impression of the naval Reserve mission today in -- in how it complements the active duty forces?

ROUGHEAD: Senator, we are one force today. The integration of our active component and our Reserve component is as close as it has ever been. And in fact, most of the individual augmentees that have gone into the Central Command area of operation over the past eight years are -- are Reserve sailors and officers.

We cannot be the Navy we are today without our Reserve component. And the way that they move in -- into our active force after having served in an active capacity is absolutely seamless. And the importance that we place on our Reserve programs is -- is extremely high.

And the Navy that the secretary was referring to as being as professional and as competent and as agile as it is today is a function of that active-Reserve integration that -- that has taken place.

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