Saturday, June 20, 2009

CDR & Mrs. Salamander Are Good Parents

So were mine.

LOL, doens't always work.

I doubt he is comforted by my comment in his post. He writes about protecting his children from bad influences. I applaud them. Then I wrote about "working around" my parents similar efforts.

The irony is my boys were not readers. Frank read some sports biographies. Tom devoured maps, graphs and almanacs. If I had thought it would have made them read more, I would have BOUGHT questionable material for them, lol!

I can't wait to head up to the cottage in two minutes and recall these happy memories with my sisters and mother. They will all have their own to throw in about reading something they shouldn't have.

"My mother did her best to be careful with me, but I often was able to work around her we can't blame Muriel, lol.

In particular I recall two things.

First, "The Exorcist". One of my uncles gave it to my mother right around the time of the movie in '73 - it had been written a year of two earlier. I was 12. I was FORBIDDEN to read it. I grew up in a three story townhouse in Charlestown. My mother had housework to do on the 2nd and 3rd floors and meals to prepare in the kitchen. But the best, longest chunks of time were when friends would come to visit and they would have tea/coffee in the kitchen. One quick hello and a smile and I was off to my mother's seat in the parlor (pronounced pah-la) careful never to move her bookmark. LOL! I finished before she did - it was awful! I had nightmares for weeks! I slept with my Rosary beads under my pillow.

The 2nd was finding a shopping bag of books left behind by my uncle Kevin. My sister Grace & I inherited Kevin's old room complete with Hi-Fi, some records & books. Several books were by Robert Rimmer, author of "The Harrad Experiment". According to Wikipedia - "The recurring theme in all or almost all of Rimmer's writing was a criticism of the assumption of monogamy as a societal norm. All the protagonists in his novels discover that they are happier in arrangements which would nowadays be called polyamorous or polyfidelitous."
*cough cough* I have nothing more to say on that subject.

Good for you and Mrs. Salamander"

I told my mother about "The Exorcist" long ago and she said I deserved every one of those nightmares for disobeying her.

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