Friday, January 02, 2009

Here's A Guy Who Knows How I Feel

I’m Trying to See All These Movies. You Want to Talk? Go Home!
by The Carpetbagger

( I'm assuming it's a guy....could be a girl.)

There are seven weeks to go before the Academy Awards ceremony, and for those who claim to follow such things — would-be experts who pontificate about which movie will win best picture or who seems like a lock for best supporting actor — peer pressure is mounting to have seen all the movies that could be in contention. But Hollywood and the people who show its films to the world seem to be doing everything in their power to make sure that it’s difficult. Seeing all the films that may receive Oscar nods this season requires a single-mindedness bordering on mania, while getting a seat in the front of a theater is akin to an assault of Tora Bora.

And then there’s the talking, and the menace of those who dislike it. At a Christmas Day screening of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” The Philadelphia Inquirer reported last week, a man became so enraged at a fellow audience member who was talking to his son that he pulled out a pistol and shot him in the arm. As patrons fled the theater, the newspaper reported, the gunman settled back into his seat to watch Brad Pitt in, well, peace.


(this is my favorite part)

Last month the Bagger was at an industry preview of “The Reader,” and totally flipped his lid when the couple next to him chattered happily through a scene in which a young man walks silently through a concentration camp. “Are you twits really going to talk your way through a scene at a concentration camp?” he hissed.

Ok! Ok! I'll stop beefing! As long as I go to the local theater on a Monday or a Tuesday, I can usually have the theater pretty much to myself and I am forceful enough to make people around me quiet down without shooting them.


Stella said...

You know my pick is "Frost/Nixon." Frank Langella looks like he's going to do a wonderful job as Nixon. Definitely "Milk" and "Doubt" are on the list. Maybe, "The Wrestler," and "Button" looks intriguing.

I'd go see "Valkyrie," but I don't think I can sit that many hours watching Tom Cruise. =P

What's up? There's actually some good movies...

Anonymous said...

"I am forceful enough to make people around me quiet down without shooting them."

I deal with yapping movie goers differently, Maggie.

I buy a large container of popcorn, poke hole in the bottom, place the container firmly on my lap, unzip and poke my "appendage" through the hole.

The when someone starts with the lip flapping I offer them a handful of buttered popcorn.

Almost all of them gag and run out of the theater ASAP.

Well, except for one guy. He was the one who kept smiling at me in the men's room.