Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adding Cinnamon

Have I ever told you about the crazy shit I take? No, I don't mean the Revlimid. I mean the vitamins, etc.

When I was being good and Atkins-ing, I took a multivitamin and a super-B and biotin. I had read biotin helped people on low carb diets or people who didn't process carbs correctly.

So then I go to the physical in June and she tells me that I am completely vitamin D deficient. So, she puts me on a prescription strength D for a while and when that's finished I am advised to take 1000 mg of D per day.

Then came the MM DX and based on input from doctors and what I have read I added some stuff.
Biotin - 1000 mcg
Ester-C - 500 mg with 55 mg calcium
(2) "D" - 2000 IU each
"E" - 400 IU
"B" super complex - that's the one Jen and I both notice if we miss it for any amount of time, we feel sluggish
alpha lipoic acid - 200 mg - this is supposed to help with neuropathy which my meds can cause.
Magnesium - 250 mg - Dr. Miller recommended this for leg cramps

Plus generic Prilosec for heartburn.....they were all peeved with my use of Rolaids, too much calcium.

Low dose aspirin for the CVTs and PEs I could be at risk for.

Now I am adding 1000 mg of Cinnamon.

I thought about germanium based on some stuff someone sent me, but Memorial Sloan Kettering says don't, so I won't.

And maybe something called Resveratrol, it's got grape seed extract....can't hurt.

It's probably just voodoo....but what the hell.

25 mg Revlimid81 mg LD aspirin


Stella said...

Not voodoo, Maggie. B vitamins will help your energy. My oncologist's nurse told me Vitamin D and cinnamon are excellent cancer-fighting agents.

Who knew all this liberal hippie stuff had medical value after all? LOL...

Be well, take care.

Stella said...

Look what I found from Sloan-Kettering.

Hope this helps.

Mrs. K said...

What is the cinnamon for? Is it a pill or powder?

BostonMaggie said...

Stella - I have read the same things about cinnamona nd vitamin "D". That website in your link is why I know Sloan Kettering doesn't want me taking germanium.

It is a great resource, isn't it?

Mrs. K, it's powder in a capsule. The women in the study sprinkled it on their cereal or yogurt each day.....but what would I do when I am on Atkins? Sprinkle it on my steak? LOL