Monday, January 12, 2009

Well Sunday Didn't Go As Planned!

The plan because it was steroid day, was to do a few small projects around the house and rest a lot. Rest and enjoy my last bad carb day before being back on Atkins.

Frankie was staying at a friend's house and he was planning on being home to shovel long before I had to head to Jen's for "24".

No go.

I woke at 0910 to take the steroids (the earlier in the day the better). I was going to go to back to sleep, but there was a call from work. I wasn't on-call, but I had to go anyway.

That meant shoveling. I had to get out. At least I didn't have to shovel at work, we have a really good crew maintaining the property and they don't stop for weekends.

I ended up spending more than seven hours. So much for lots of rest and eating M&Ms, lol.

I had to stop home before heading to Jen's on top of leaving work much later than I wanted. I was getting text messages from Jen threatening no entry after 1955. I got there at 1946.....but I had to shovel my way in!

I had asked Frankie if he had taken care of Jen's - he always does. He told me that one of his friends reported that all Jen's snow had blown away. This does happen on occasion because she is right on the waterfront.

Not this time.

By this point I am wiped.

Shovel. Shovel. Shovel. Lean against the house and huff and puff.

Shovel. Shovel. Shovel. Lean against the shovel and huff and puff.

Jen came to the door and sarcastically asked - "Are you done playing in the snow?"

YOU'RE WELCOME! Grumble.....grumble.

I got in and she had it paused in the DVR. I was trying to get into IM so we could discuss it with SB. The plan was to live blog it. That didn't' work.

I didn't get any food until 2100. I was starving! It was supposed to be chicken parm, mozzarella sticks, garlic bread and Coke. Followed by ice cream and brownies.

I got reheated spaghetti and meatballs.

Not the "24" feast I expected.

But no matter - Jack was fabulous!

SB was disappointed. He hopes it gets better.

Jen is devastated that Tony is bad. She has decided that Tony is actually infiltrating the bad guys on his own and is really, after all, deep down.....the good guy she always loved.

My favorite part was when Agent Walker told the other FBI agent to take Jack's gun. I looked at Jen and we both laughed. Jack doesn't need a gun to kill people!

I like the POTUS this year. I wanted her husband to toss the son's GF off the roof, Jen laughed and SB said "That works for me!"

I am in the minority in backing our intervention in the fictitious Sengala.

I loathe Janeane Garofalo, but her character is funny.

I was very happy with the big two hour beginning and excited there is two more hours tonight.

I will leave work earlier and set up the laptop in the corner where the light won't both Jen - we watch in the dark.

Life is good.

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