Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adam Of Universal Hub Remembers Something.....

....that was tickling the back of my brain.

Lt. Kevin Kelley Leads His Men

When the reports came in about the BFD ladder accident. I called Jen and asked if Billy was there, no he is still on Purchase Street at Headquarters. I called "T" to ask who was killed. Was it someone from Charlestown? No. Lt. Kelley was lived in Quincy but was OFD. I was remembering some connection. Then I came to me that the Discovery Channel had done a special "Firehouse USA:Boston". It was back a few years ago. I had watched and I was sure it was Huntington Ave that was featured.

It was and Adam posted vid showing Lt. Kelley in action. I'm going to post it because in my opinion.....this is how you should think of Lt. Kelley.

One of Adam's commenters posted another video from the series on YouTube. (Tissue alert, Sherri.) the second half of this vid (2 minute 55 second mark and beyond) which shows Kelley at a family party with his wife and three daughters choked me up.

There are more on YouTube.

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