Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beware of Offers of Cannabis

No, I wasn't really going to smoke any. I haven't smoked pot in for-ev-er and even back then it was sporadic because all it did was put me to sleep.

But several people have made comments about supplying me with some ever since my diagnosis. I know what they mean. They want to say something funny and supportive.

Now I find out that it would be far from helpful.

From Tim's Wifes Blog -
"So the last funny drug story happened just awhile back at afootball game Olivia was cheerleading at. The mom of another cheerleader has some medicalproblems and we talk shop a bit. She has lung issues and tells me that she wound up with somefungal pneumonia thingy and I said, "you mean aspergillosis?" and she said "Yeah, that was it!"
Aspergillosis is something that used to be fatal and MM'ers and those going through transplant can be at risk. It is also something you can get from smoking pot which is often contaminated with the fungus."

Just say no, kids!

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Stella said...

Maggie, there are many medical benefits with cannabis.

I don't indulge myself, but I do follow the research. Aspergillosis can also be contracted from herbs legally obtained at the health food store, so it's important to look for high-quality supplements.

What ever is best for you is the right medicine.