Monday, January 05, 2009

The Cake Is Cursed!

I haven't had this much trouble with a cake in forever.

Wait, I haven't baked a cake from scratch in forever.


Jen was home. I got the mixer. I made dinner for the boys. Frankie was a little nervous and asked me why I was cooking so much. I laughed and looked at him quizzically. Then it hit me, the last time I cooked this much was when my neighbor was dying a few months ago.

"Frankie, everyone is ok."


He went back to the game.

After dinner I called Jen to see if she would cook the cake. The one thing I am just really awful at is timing. I have stood right in front of the oven and still burned cookies. Of course it could have something to do with the fact that I was standing there reading a book.....

Anyway, I put the plastic lid on the pyrex mixing bowl full of batter and drove the 750 feet - I know I usually say 400 feet, but I actually counted the house lots between us the other day. Turns out it's 750 feet - I'm also bad at estimating distance. When I got there I looked down and the lid was loose. Cake batter all over the seat. I grabbed my gym bag and pulled out a T-shirt "Matty - Paratrooper of Love! (BTW, go read this post - I thought it rocked! It's really from Huffington Post, but I'd rather send you through Matty. should read the whole thing.....well use your best judgement, it really is a compelling answer to the foolish "disproportionate response" blather. Which, BTW, Juan Williams slipped into the panel discussion on Fox News Sunday this morning. Every time I hear it, I want to tear my hair out! Usually I am alone in the car and I start screaming and ranting like a lunatic.) and tried to sop it up. It was all over the seat and the book I am reading.

Guess I will have to buy my mother another copy of "The Given Day" - which I absolutely love!


Pia said...

The fact that you wrote "cook the cake" tells me everything I need to know!

; )

Joe said...

A lovely blog - I feel the same about baking!