Sunday, January 04, 2009

Is The Cake Not Meant To Be?

I put in too much sugar.

Ok, we'll just adjust the rest of the ingredients and there will be cupcakes too.

I fried the handmixer.....well Bill and I fried the handmixer, lol. My wrist was getting tired, so Bill was standing there just drinking a beer during a break in the Celtics game. I handed him the mixer.

"Is it supposed to be this hot?"

"No, stop and let it cool."

Too late.

It wasn't the real handmixer. I can't find that. So I was using the pulse/shake mixer. You know me....."inappropriate and unprepared" says so under my name at the top.

I called down to Jen's. She's not home.

Good thing I have keys, lol.

Do I need a ski mask and a black turtleneck for this mission?

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