Saturday, January 17, 2009

OK - The Short Version

Wednesday morning I fainted at work. Doesn't that make me sound like such a delicate flower??? Hehehe! Truth is I fell back against some conveniently located file cabinets and slid onto my ass - then - bonk! Fell sideways to the concrete floor of the warehouse.

People yelling - Firefighter & EMTs - Ambulance - Jordan ER - Admitted!!!!!!

Four! Four! Four effing days later I am home.

I am wiped out. I'm fine. I will relay the gory details later.

I had a couple of hundred emails waiting. Seriously, lol. I think I picked out all the directly personal ones (as opposed to the Multiple Myeloma listserv and the Medicare listserv and the NEMED listserv and the newsfeeds I subscribe to) and answered them. If I missed you, it was just that, I missed you and I will catch you tomorrow.

Right now I am headed to Jen's, I was supposed to be there an hour ago.

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