Saturday, January 10, 2009


Jen & I are excited.

"24" is back in boop, boop, boop, less than 24 hours, lol.

The vid is old because season 7 was delayed, but it's still the story line.

This is a vid from the Fox website.

Fox's official "24" website has a countdown clock. I wish I were more tech savvy, I would put it over here.

"24" is part of my *before* life. I associate it with the gym - as in dashing home or to Jen's from the gym to watch. I associate it with blogging - I mean the kind where I write about stuff other than my illness..........and all my whining.

When Jen and I were shopping today we picked up "24" viewing party stuff. LOL We went to Sam's Club with my company's card. We spent an ungodly amount of money. But we had to. We are finally in synch and ready to go back on Atkins Monday. And putting in the effort to go to Sam's Club and Walmart saved us a ton of money. Have to be careful with the do-re-mi. It never works when we aren't together. We also hit Walmart, so we don't have to go shopping for weeks! We discussed "24" in the checkout line and Jen mentioned being disappointed in last year's story. I asked if she meant to actual series or the movie "Redemption". She made a dismissive gesture and said Jack hadn't killed enough people in "Redemption" (we are quite bloodthirsty). Plus she didn't believe the Irish guy was "Special Forces". She doesn't think he is a worthy contemporary of Jack's. Plus he isn't actually Irish, lol.

"Oh, come one, he killed plenty!"

The cocked eyebrow and the evil smile "Plenty? Like Good-n-Plenty?" I burst out laughing. "Because that would be a lot if it was Good-n-Plenty."

"Come on! Jack killed that guy with his thighs after they burnt his face! You see there's quantity and there's quality." She was laughing at me, so I couldn't look at her while I was making my argument. LOL But it was a solid argument! If you don't believe me, see 1:23 of this YouTube vid.

Blogs.4Bauer rated the episode at "Final Kill Counter Update = 17 points (14 kills, 3 Dammits)"

That's another thing I miss, Blogs.4Bauer. Lot's of good stuff there.

It will be a fun weekend....but starting Monday it's meat, meat, meat and the gym.

Until Monday's Jack and Tony (Jen is soooo upset he is "dark") and M&Ms and pasta. The standard "carb coma".

Good good guys, good bad's probably too much to hope for that SecDef Heller shows up, huh?


FbL said...

I understand why you see a before and after in your life, but I want you to know that your friends see you as the same person we love on both sides of it. :) *hugs*

Sarah said...

I DVRed both nights and you just reminded me to go watch them now. Crap, and I was gonna get housework done today.