Tuesday, January 13, 2009

USS Samuel B Roberts Documentary

Ok, this email gets to me on time. Brad Peniston who wrote "No Higher Honor" emails a group of us once in a while with news related to the book. When the History Channel first aired the documentary "Hero Ships - USS Samuel B Roberts", Brad emailed us the next day! LOL

Today he is a little more prompt. Not much......but.......

Today at 1300 (1 pm EST) and tonight at 1900 (7 pm EST) the History Channel International (please note, that's different than regular History Channel) will re-air this documentary.

This was part of an eight-episode documentary series entitled "Hero Ships," and that the USS Samuel B. Roberts (actually, all three of them FFG-58, DE-413, DD-823) is the subject of one of the hourlong episodes. The Roberts episode features interviews with Capt. Rinn, Bob Bent, and Jack Yusen, and a bit of historical commentary from Brad.

Here is a preview.

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