Monday, January 19, 2009

OK, So After.....

....a good night's my own bed....and all the meds are regulated....a little perspective.

Thank you to Jimmy, Karen and Mark at work who found me and called the ambulance. Held my hand until they got there. Covered me with low air loss covers (although I do hope they were clean ones and not from the soiled pile! lol).

To the EMTs and firefighters who I really never saw except for once or twice when an insistent face swam into view and demanded I open my eyes.

To the ER staff at the Jordan, Heidi my nurse, Eileen my continuing care nurse (nice to finally meet you after a million phone calls!). The radiology department. The ER doctor who offered me morphine (I declined). The ER secretary who brought in a phone because my Dad was looking for me (and Heidi who did most of the talking because I was crying).

The people on the telemetry, the nurses and CNAs and LPNs, Maryellen, Sue and Anne. My discharge planner Colette - again nice to meet you Colette.

The people in cardiology and ultrasound. The aides that rolled my behind to all these places (no small task especially with the extra 30 lbs from the steroids).

Some people knew who I was and some didn't so it wasn't just being "Maggie from X-Company", it was that they were genuinely caring. Although as the nurses was nice that I wasn't incontinent.

I am very lucky. The hospital is five minutes drive away (with sirens - it takes me ten), my oncologist is right there. I have Blue Cross - even with the new $1500 deductible and copays, etc....I am still way ahead of lots of people.


FbL said...

Yikes! I miss reading you for a couple of days and look what happens! :P

So glad you're okay under the circumstances, and that you are close to family (who obviously took such good care of you).


Oh, and you deserve a gold star for being on your best behavior to the hospital staff. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts Miss Maggie...


Stella said...

Maggie, I am so sorry. What an ordeal! I'm so glad you have a great family and good medical staff who took care of you, too. I can't imagine how frightened you and your family were.

Not that I know much about this stuff, but I'd also like to award you the Medal of Valour. I know, you don't get them unless you're in the Navy, but anyone as tough as you deserves an award.

I'm sending prayers you stay well, Maggie.