Friday, January 09, 2009

Sorry For Not Posting

At the suggestion of a commenter I joined the ACOR - Association of Cancer Online resources.

In specific, the Multiple Myeloma listserv.

It's been like drinking out of a fire hose.

Things are rolling.

My biggest laugh was last night during Jeopardy. The category was abstract art. I was getting my ass kicked when they put up a picture. It was nothing more than a black canvas in a frame. It's supposedly something famous.

Jen was crying laughing, which set me off. She was gasping that she would have paid anything to be at the opening and saying to people "Do you see it?"

We are so gauche!


Stella said...

That is a riot. I'm still laughing. I think the term is "wit" rather than "gauche." Had I been at that opening, I would have been hard pressed to keep a straight face.

Listserves help a lot. You get buckets of info, but you never know what will surface to the top that can help.

BillT said...

Geez, even *I* knew that it was "Stevie Wonder Reading The Heart of Darkness"...